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Stay Up-to-Date with our

"NEW's Letter"!

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A Beautifuly Designed "Story-Page" to Showcase your work!

There are many sites and resources online for hosting and submitting your work, but we believe that none of them can offer the aesthetic appeal of our Story-Pages!

With us you'll get a Stunning, Professionally-Designed and Edited site to help you…

  • Captivate & Engage your readers!
  • Present & Promote your work!
  • Grow your fan-base!

And with our FREE Site-Plan, you’ll get to experience it all at no-cost!

A Single Source for Editing, Presenting and Promoting your Stories!

The process of writing (although fulfilling) can be hard enough, without the extra worries of self-editing, self-promotion, web-design and maintenance.

We recognize that there are many options available when considering 'e-publishing' and hosting services; Writer's blogs, Content-submission sites, personal & professional web-hosting, cover-art creation, etc. With so much to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially for new/un-published creators.

At you can do it all in one place! No need to pay a separate fee for domain-names or web-hosting services. No complicated or time-consuming web design hassles. Let us do it all for you!

A Growing List of Supporting Writers, Published Authors, and Site-Moderators to Learn from (& Mentor)!

Need help or advice from a Published Author, Profesional Editor or online Content-Provider? We're here to help! The writers and authors here are ready and willing to help you expand and Grow your Craft! Feel free to solicit the help of an expansive and growing Community of Experience and Knowledge! Select the 'chat' icon in the lower-right of your screen at any time to speak LIVE with an associate or fellow Story member!

* Frequently Asked Questions ~

  1. "How many "Story-Pages" can I have active at any given time?" That depends on your selected Plan Membership; The FREE (Basic) Plan currently includes up to 3 different Story-Pages per month. All submissions for the Basic Plan must be less than 3,000 words per Story (see 'Submission Guidelines' below for more info.)
  2. "What if I needed to remove a story from the site, can I post another in it's place" Absolutely! Just purchase the PRO or ELITE Hosting Plans, and you can delete and add Stories whenever you like, until your (plan-defined) monthly limit has been reached.
  3. "Can I post my work on the site in document format, such as an MS Word Doc or a PDF?" Yes, you can. With the PRO and ELITE Subscription plans, you will have complete access to your own "cloud" folder via our File Sharing application. You'll be able to upload and share a link to your folder and files with anyone, via email or Social networks like (c)Facebook and (c)Twitter.
  4. "How else can I upload my work to the site for review" You can use any of the contact forms on the site (click here) or email your manuscript to us
  5. "What are your guidlines on content of submissions/stories?" We ask that you Please mind the wordcount when submitting (Plan specific) and place it, along with the Title of your work and your Full Name in the heading of the manuscript, for example:
Maria-Teresa by Mark Wilson Word count: 2,993 * For any other questions or concerns, contact us at

* Submission Guidelines ~

  1. Maximum size of Story submissions: This varies depending on Hosting Plan.

  • For the FREE (Trial) Hosting Plan, there is a 3,000 word limit.

  • For the PRO (Intermediate) Plan, there is a 5,000 word limit.

  • For the ELITE (Advanced) Plan, there is a 7,000 word limit.

We ask that you follow basic rules of decency and respect for all. No derogatory or offensive communication or behavior will be tolerated (see below). Please mind the wordcount when submitting (Plan specific) and place it, along with the Title of your work and your Full Name in the heading of the manuscript, for example:

Maria-Teresa by Mark Wilson Word count: 2,993 Your manuscript should be 1.5 or double-spaced and in a clean readable font (if submitted in document format). Acceptable upload formats include: Jpeg, Gif, Png, Bmp, PDF, Doc(x), .TXT, etc. Ensure your submissions are your own, and are not infringing on another's work. We hold NO responsibility for damage(s) due to copyright infingement of any work found on our site that was submitted by any of its members. * Acceptance/Posting of submissions or Contest Rulings is at the sole discretion of and its Administrators/Members acting on its behalf.

* a The Basics ~

So, how does it all work?

  • a is an online Literary Graphic Magazine, with a Monthly publication schedule. We exist to promote an exclusive cast of writers and published authors via our unique and visually engaging "Story-Pages".
  • Unlike other Lit/Mag sites who may charge (up to $20 and more) per submission, we won't charge anything to host your work in a visual and engaging "Story-Page" that you can link to and share, helping you to grow your brand and fan-base!
  • We host a finite amount of Authors on the site per 30-Day (rotational) periods.
  • All active Members will reside within the "queue" of Authors and have their work showcased accordingly.
  • At the start of August for example, a new batch of Members will rotate thru the front-pages of the site and be listed in the "Featured Authors" Section!
* If you are currently a FREE Member, or in a Trial-Membership period, click around the site and get a feel for how you will be presented as a PRO or ELITE!