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The Paperboy - Episode 1 Released!

Mark W

APR 03, 2021

The Paperboy is released! Follow the daring exploits of an inner-City youth as he and his cohorts go on a wild ride through the harsh streets of Baltimore, during the Drug-torn and Ultra-Violent era of the 1980's.

Ding-dong! Ding-dong! “Just a minute, please!”

Then, after some muffled shuffling, the door opens to a middle-aged White woman who was clearly in the throes of getting dressed for work. At first Mark thought something was wrong with her, and almost abandoned the ruse out of sympathy. He then realized that her continuous blinking was somehow due to the mascara she had been applying, and not some abnormality of the eye. Fair game, then.

“Can I help you?” She blinked, clearly confused and rushed.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Mark respectfully, began. “I’m with the ‘News American’ and I usually…”

“The Paperboy? But it’s Friday morning, aren’t you supposed to be in school? What time is it? Oh my God is it Saturday? Did the clocks go back, or up…”

No, Ma’am, it’s Friday, I mean the time hasn’t changed. I don’t think…

Turning toward an oval mirror on the wall that was just inside the doorway and placed above a shelf overflowing with all sorts of items, the woman seemed to will her left eye as wide open as possible, as she continued to apply her mascara and converse with him."

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